Your Multi-Cloud Toolbox: Unlocking Innovation and Flexibility with Helvetia



By Bernada Volpe | Last updated: May 29, 2024

Technology doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect and here to help you open your mind to its limitless possibilities, Raphael Graber, Lead Cloud Solutions at Helvetia Insurance Group! As an esteemed board member for Cloud Leadership Day, we are thrilled to be offering a chance to win an exclusive 1:1 session with Raphael, where he will delve into several key pillars of multi-cloud strategy and the obstacles that come with them.    

During his session, Raphael will provide expertise to facilitate your organisation’s journey to the cloud and empower innovation. These focus areas include: 

  • Developing a strong cloud strategy with thorough governance; 
  • Implementing operational processes to modernise solutions through serverless design, enhancing efficiency and cost optimisation;  
  • Establishing organisation-wide programs to educate departments and promote cloud awareness, fostering innovation in new domains.  

Take your initiatives to new heights with industry pioneers like Raphael and propel your organisation forward in this era of Cloud technology!